Student Video Competition Rules, Guidelines, and Timeline

Judging Criteria

Phase One:

This applies to all submissions and videos will be evaluated based on the criteria below.

  • 30% Production Quality
  • 20% Creativity of Message
  • 50% Marketing (Votes, likes, comments) on Victims Impact Panel of Oklahoma YouTube Page


Phase Two:

5 Finalist videos selected to advance will be evaluated a second time based on the criteria below.

  • 35% Production Quality & Creativity of Message
  • 20% Marketing / Engagement on Victims Impact Panel of Oklahoma YouTube Page
  • 20% Representation of chosen Theme
  • 25% Presentation to Judges


Stay S.A.F.E. Behind The Wheel



2023 Student Video Competition, Supported by Oklahoma Challenge


Student Teams
  • Students cannot actively participate in harmful or unsafe acts for purposes of the video
  • The teams need to be approved by a School Administrator.
  • The teams are composed of 1 to 5 students.
  • The team members can be from different grades, but all must be currently enrolled in an Oklahoma High School.


Video Creation
  • Teams may only enter 1 video in the contest.
  • The video needs to be submitted by March 9th at 11:59 p.m. to qualify for entry
Video Format
  • The video must be at least 1 minute and no more than 5 minutes 
  • The minimum format resolution is 1920*1080.
Content Guidelines
  • The video needs to feature the assigned theme.
  • The target audience for this video is people from age 15 to 25.
  • There needs to be a call to action to make a pledge to practice being a safe driver and/or passenger 



Read below for the timeline of events to make sure you don't miss anything.



Kick Off – Victims Impact Panel sends the link to the site which introduces the contest theme, rules and students will form teams for the competition. Students begin work to come up with concepts and produce videos for submission.



Video submissions are approved by teachers and uploaded by students entries received after midnight will not be accepted.



Video submissions are uploaded to Victims Impact Panel of Oklahoma’s YouTube page and phase one of the competition begins. Teams are encouraged to solicit likes, comments, and shares on their video on Youtube channel.



Phase 1 ends and all engagement is counted and any received after midnight will not be put towards the final score. Judges will choose the finalists that move forward.



The finalist's videos will be shared on Victims Impact Panel of Oklahoma’s Facebook page and students will promote videos to garner likes, shares and engagement on the post for one week. The last day to engage with videos on Victims Impact Panel of Oklahoma’s Facebook is April 24th at 11:59 p.m.


APRIL 24TH – APRIL 28TH (Exact Date TBD)

Pitch meetings are scheduled where the final teams will present their video to judges virtually, explaining how they developed their concept and produced the videos and field questions from the judging panel.


MAY 1ST - MAY 5TH (Exact Date TBD)

Scholarship winners are announced and their videos are featured on Victims Impact Panel’s website and social media pages.