Have you been ordered to attend a panel?

Victims Impact Panel of Oklahoma, Inc. (VIP) is the original and court-recognized victim impact panel serving Oklahoma since 1989. It conducts its programs in compliance with Title 22 Oklahoma Statutes Section 991a(H)(3).

Victims Impact Panel of Oklahoma is not here to blame, shame, or guilt you. We offer a unique perspective on the effects of driving under the influence on the community you live in. Panelists who speak find the program to be a healing experience.

What to expect

During our live panel presentations, you will hear from a panel of speakers who share their stories in the hope that they can prevent the senseless tragedies that changes their lives.

During the hour-and-a-half program, you will hear from

  • The Victim: This is someone who has lost a family member to an impaired driver, survived a wreck caused by an impaired driver, or someone who loved one was permanently disabled or injured by an impaired driver.
  • The Rescue Professional: This viewpoint can come from law enforcement, firefighters, or ambulance paramedics. These people are emotionally impacted by what they see and deal with at a DUI crash scene, even though it is part of their job.
  • The Offender: This is someone who has killed or severely injured someone while driving under the influence and has served prison time for the crime.
VIP Oklahoma speaker

Rules & payment

The fee for attending the court-ordered Victims Impact Panel is $75. Personal checks and cash are NOT accepted. You can bring a money order or bank cashier's check made payable to Victims' Impact Panel. Debit/credit cards are accepted at some panels. You can check our calendar to see the requirements for your location. A Certificate of Completion for court-ordered attendees will be given after the program.

If you cannot pay on the day of your panel, You will be given a form with instructions on how to pay online or mail your $75 payment in when you are able to pay. A Certificate of Completion will be issued once your payment is received.

You may bring a guest with you to the program at no cost to your guest.

Minors 17 and under are requested to have a Parental Consent Form filled out and signed by their parents that will be provided to you during registration, or have a parent accompany you and offer verbal consent at sign-in

Drinking/drug use prior to attendance is strictly prohibited.

To find a VIP program in your area, click here, where you will find a monthly calendar showing you when and where all VIP programs will be held throughout the state.