We work to combat impaired and distracted driving through our powerful programs across Oklahoma.

Partner with us to make our roads safer.

We all want our loved ones to arrive safely at their destinations.

You may struggle to understand how to prevent tragic accidents in your community. This can feel like a huge task to undertake alone!

VIP is the original, court-recognized program that has been working to prevent Oklahomans from making irresponsible and dangerous choices since 1989. We partner with offenders, community groups, and other advocates to make our state safer. We speak to save lives.

When you support ViP, you help us...

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Host Impactful Panels

VIP doesn’t isolate or shame those charged with a DUI. We want to offer a unique perspective to help clients understand the impact of their choices and how to prevent recidivism.

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Educate Young People

If you work with young people who need to understand the dangers of impaired and distracted driving, VIP can help. We offer programs tailored to schools and community organizations all over the state.


Advocate for change

Working to make your community a safer place to live and work? We want to partner with you. We need your help bringing impaired and distracted driving awareness, prevention, and healing to your community.

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About Us

VIP is the original victim’s impact panel in the state of Oklahoma. We have been active in the state for over thirty years. Because of our work, legislation passed in 1990 that allowed Oklahoma judges to order DUI offenders to attend a victim's impact panel. In 2018, an independent study found that in the major counties in Oklahoma where our panel is offered, there was a success rate of over 90%.

The VIP staff, liaisons, volunteers, and partners all work tirelessly to work every angle to end the epidemic of driving under the influence. Impaired and distracted driving kills thousands of people yearly, and all these deaths are preventable. VIP helps victims, rescue professionals, and past offenders tell their stories in the hopes they can prevent the same tragedy for others.

How we're different


Real Stories

Our panels are in person. Clients hear about the terrible effects of impaired and distracted driving from the people who have lived it.



Many programs focus on shaming and isolating offenders, which isn’t linked to decreasing recidivism. Victims Impact Panel of Oklahoma educates clients and shows them how to make better choices in the future.

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Non profit


VIP is a nonprofit and is not government funded, which means we rely on donors to be able to keep fighting against impaired and distracted driving.

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